Diablo III Warcraft Beta v1.19 Series

New Features for this version:

Version 1.19b
- Fixed Major Siegebreaker bug
- Boss ultimates no longer damage themselves
- Fixed minor pathing bug
- Tooltip updates
- A few terrain updates

Version 1.19
- New Class: Monk
- Refined Auto-balancing systems
- A few new items
- Major reterraining
- New hi-res skins by Cycloverid
- New models for various units
- Various Bug Fixes

DOWNLOAD Diablo 3 Warcraft 3 v1.19b here

Note: You must install the latest Warcraft 3 patch (version 1.24b or newer) to play this map.

Warcraft 3 Diablo 3 FAQs

General Questions:

What is D3W?

Diablo III Warcraft is an unofficial Warcraft III mod designed to replicate blizzards upcoming game, Diablo III.

What is Diablo III?
Diablo III is a RPG based game currently being developed by Blizzard. For more information please visit www.blizzard.com

What characters will be available?

We plan to add every known Diablo III class into our mod. At present, these are the Barbarian, Witch Doctor and Wizard Classes.

Will there be any PvP features?

Yes. We are planning to create an implement a special PvP map into the game. This map will include several PvP scenarios including various Arena's and capture the flag.

Can I join the project team?
At present, we are not recruiting any members for the project. Should we need any extra hands, we will be recruiting project members

How long until release?
This project is still early in development, and thus we have no official release date. However, we have made outstanding progress in the last few months, and hope to release a final version within the coming months. In the meantime, feel free to download the latest BETA version and help us test it!

Why is the map so short?

At present, only 1 map is available for download. We are currently producing news maps for the series, but these are not yet at beta stage. Upon release, the first version of the game will consist of 3 maps.

Will I be able to save my characters?

Certainly! Each map will contain identical save/load codes for you to load your character on any D3W map you wish. This feature is not available in the BETA versions.

I found a bug, who should I contact?

You can always contact us via The Hive Workshop. A link to our page on the site has been provided in the navigation bar.

Will I need to pay for the game/maps?
No! Everything in this project will be 100% free.


Techical Questions:

Will I need the Frozen Throne expansion?
Yes. The map uses several features only available in the expansion and will not work without it.

Did you use the normal world editor?
We used a modded version of the Warcraft World Editor known as JassNewGen created by Vexorian. This modded version removes most of the restrictions the default world editor provides. The software is completely public, and can be downloaded by anyone.

Will I need to install any new software other than Warcraft 3?
No. All of our maps have been designed to run via blizzards Battle.net. Simply host these maps like you would any other. However, if you wish to edit the maps, you will need to download and install JassNewGen Editor.

About Diablo 3 on Warcraft

Using the powerful Warcraft World Editor, a fan made RPG called Diablo 3 on Warcraft was summoned. The map tries to replicate the features seen on Blizzard's Diablo 3 on the Warcraft engine. This project was created to alleviate that Diablo 3 release waiting itch. Warcraft 3: Diablo 3 features fast-paced hack n' slash action that can be played together with friends.

This project began back in late 2008 with CloudWolf leading it.

The current D3WC3 teams consist of the following:


- Project Co-ordinator
- Map Producer
- Terrain

- Trigger's
- Inventory Systems
- Forum Helper

- Trigger's
- Inventory Systems
- Forum Helper

Diablo 3 Warcraft Mod Blog Launched

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce to you the opening of the Warcraft Diablo 3 Blog. This Diablo 3 blog will update you on the latest stuff happening on the Warcraft 3 mod of Diablo 3. You can share your screenshots, strategies and suggestions on the latest map versions.

Have fun exploring!